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Candies VS Hypnodeer is out!

We're happy to announce that our first release, Candies VS Hypnodeer, is out!

The game has just passed final review and QA by AppCampus.

Definitely the sweetest game you'll have ever played!

'Candies VS Hypnodeer' is about building a kingdom out of candy, in a world made entirely of... candy! Match-3 game with a fresh twist on the genre.

Quality artwork and engaging gameplay combined form the game, together with not-so-bad Hypnodeer characters who make the title more complex.


– Cross-platform competition enabled via online high-scores (Windows Phone, Symbian, MeeGo, Windows 8, Xbox 360)

– Engaging, sandbox gameplay

-- Quality artwork

– No boosts for extra cash! Equality for all gamers.

- Live tile functionality

Grab the game now and start building your own candy empire. 8 different types of buildings, 2 special items and 2 types of Hypnodeer. Make yourself a pleasure of getting hypnotized in 'Candies VS Hypnodeer' and beat your friends high-scores on-line!

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