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Dino Quest... I mean - Dino Jones!

Hi guys!

Here's a little update on our development of Dino Quest... or should I call it by the new name, Dino Jones!

(some developer has released a game called Dino Quest in the meantime so we had to brainstorm a new name idea in order to avoid confusion or problems)

We are doing final adjustments to the game, such as generating and choosing the best levels to put into the game. Furthermore, there's gonna be over 100 levels, as opposed to 21 planned initially! How cool is that.

The screenshots speak the best for themselves so please take a look at how diversified the game looks now! We've developed 7 completely different realms, and there are some new unique screenshots of the shop and other interface elements.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Furthermore, we are now planning to initially release only on Android and iOS. Sorry for the change of plans! But it's all taking a whole lot of time and it's just two of us struggling to actually make some living out of game development, and these are the major platforms which actually provide such opportunity.